Welcome to Maker Network!

What is Maker Network?

We are an RSO at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign housed at the Siebel Center for Design and focused on increasing sustainability in maker spaces. Our other mission is to connect students with the resources available on campus and be a central resource for the Champaign Urbana maker community!


Maker Spaces

Maker spaces are spread across campus and many are available for students to use! Check out the maker spaces tab to see where you can find the tools you need for your next project. 

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Precious Plastic

One of the initiatives of Maker Network, Precious Plastics works to recycle plastic waste from maker spaces around campus. Our current project is building a sheet press to recycle acrylic waste back into laser-cuttable sheets.

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How You Can Contribute:

Donate Plastic!

Currently, our workspace is only set up to recycle acrylic waste. If you have acrylic waste you would like to recycle, send us an email and we can work with you on setting up a plastic collection system that fits your needs! When donating plastic, please make sure your plastic is properly sorted (only acrylic) and cleaned!