Maker Spaces

Looking to make something?

We've got you covered!

Maker spaces can help you with all your needs from building a table, to printing posters, to 3D printing prototypes, and so much more! There are a bunch of resources available to students at maker spaces on campus and in the community, and we want to help connect you to those resources.

Explore these maker spaces!
The Shop @ SCD

The Shop at SCD is a technical and creative workspace where any active student, staff, or faculty can work on their projects, models, prototypes, and large prints. It is fully equipped to handle the prototyping and promotional phases of nearly any project.

CU Community Fab Lab

Among the most accessible maker spaces on campus, the CU Fab Lab encourages people from all walks of life to imagine, design, and create using open-source software and collaborative methodologies.

Illinois MakerLab

The Maker Lab seeks to provide U of I faculty and students with the knowledge and resources to be at the forefront of the emerging maker movement. Their specialty is teaching users how to design, manufacture, and market physical objects.

Grainger IDEA Lab

The IDEA Lab provides space and technology for collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship at Illinois. The Lab supports a wide range of digital scholarship, design learning, and information discovery activities.